Custom Made membership solutions

An all- in- One membership management system

What is UltraTech?

UltraTech  is a collection of 14+ system plugins for membership management, report generation, due collections, legal cases tracking and so much more. Now you can manage your whole organisation in one simple solution and bring to life to your ideas with personalized mobile apps, manage legal cases with pro-legal and keep in contact with all members in a click of a button.

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Main Service

14+ plugins

Select what your organisation needs and customize your system including pro legal, pro com and pro report and so many more.

Visual design

See your organisation in simple overview. View members in different states, track membership growth and monitor subscription payments.


Stay connected to your members by sending automated messages, dealing with queries and following up communication.


Save, access and share membership reports. All reports and statement are store securely in the cloud and only people with access will be able to pull up a custom report.


Store upcoming campaign details and images. In Pro- library you are able to store any documents or pictures that you may need for a campaign, show or broadcast message.

Lead segmentation.

Using your database you will be able to access specific members in an organisation in a simple solution. Choose your target market and send.

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Keep all your membership information together
in one simple platform.
Keeping reports up to date and collections secure.


Getting started is a click away.
Our team is ready to work by your teaching
you’re the basics of the system to designing
new innovations that will grow your organisation.


We are very experienced membership managment
professionals and have been doing
administrations for over 30 years


We provide world class services that
will not cost you an arm or leg. Contact us
for pricing details and more

Meet the Team

Peter Wesseloo, CEO

Founder and creator of Propay Systems. Peter has a passion to help equip membership organizations with the tools to monitor, grow and develop their organizations. 

Marco Catanho, Managing Director

After 6 years working at major corporate banks, where  he worked on helping high net worth individuals with Financial advice. Marco has a heart to expand membership organizations to a place of profit and success.

Yanni Acavalos, Head of Operations

Memberships that we work with


Social Clubs

Trade Unions

Sports Clubs



Delivering technology for leading Organizations

Customer Testimonials

"UltraTech thank you for going the extra mile. The Services and systems are on another level"
Christopher L. Mullings
"Propay system provides a good integration between the its modules and subsystem."
Frances F. Schofield
"The Propay Software's has efficiency to store lots of organizational data which can be integrated over different modules."
David J. McGee​

Active members across our clients 

database using the Propay System. 

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